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3 Tips for Leading Worship

We all have a vision of a worship leader in our heads when we lead worship. At least we probably did when we started leading. At some point along the way we were impacted by someone’s worship leading and we thought it...

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Never a weekend Off

I was blessed today to be able to be off the stage and be in the congregation worshiping. While I was out amongst the people in a way I don’t normally get to be, I got quite a few comments. Some were along the lines of...

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Tips for Worship Leading

Here’s an article I found on theworshipcommunity.com They offered some good advice on worship leading. Go Check it out: 10 Tips for Worship Leaders: How to Enhance On-Stage Presence July 24, 2008 If you’ve ever seen a...

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Perfect Music To Listen To While You Work, Pray, Meditate, etc.

Peaceful Piano Arrangements of Favorite Hymns