I know you’ve been anxiously waiting. Okay maybe not.

But, if you’ve been feeling anxious lately, this might be just the thing for you.

Just a few of my hymnals

I grew up singing hymns every Sunday morning and evening. Sometimes on Sunday evenings, Dad would bring out the overhead projector and we’d sing choruses, but other than that, we sang everything out of the “People’s Hymnal” until the church bought the new “Hymnal for Worship & Celebration.” I have copies of both in my office. In fact, I have nearly two full shelves of hymnals in my office. I have boxes of other music from my days as a worship pastor in storage, but I keep these on my shelf in my office.

There’s something about these old songs that really resonates with so many of us. So much of our Christian heritage is encapsulated in these songs. Many of the songs that came out of the last great awakening our world experienced are in the pages of these old books.

To be honest, I find myself missing these old songs more than usual lately. Perhaps it’s because of the craziness of the world we live in. Maybe it’s because their melodies were pounded into my head at a young age. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and nostalgic. I don’t know.

If you grew up singing hymns in church and find yourself missing them more than usual lately, you might want to check this out.

If you like to have some simple music on in the background while you work, this might be a good addition to your collection. If you like to have some music on while you pray or study Scripture, this might be simple and peaceful enough not to distract you and yet serve to enhance your time alone with God.

There are a lot of ways you can enjoy the album.

You can purchase it on Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube and others.

You can also stream the music on whatever streaming service you prefer: