Not long ago I was fortunate enough to land an interview with THE Matt Flower of the Yesterday show to talk about my book, “The Christmas Setup” which is available anywhere you can order books on Amazon. I thought I’d share with you a transcript of that interview. Enjoy.

Matt: Mr. Lindler, great to have you on today to talk about your new book “The Christmas Setup.”

Me: Thanks Matt and feel free to call me David.

Matt: Okay Davey.

Me: David

Matt: Right, now Daveed, if I’m correct, you wrote this book for Advent at your church, uh, Sixty Eight church, last year?

Me: Yes, that’s correct. I wanted to guide our church through the four themes of Advent, Love, Joy, Peace and Hope in a creative way. So, I came up with a fictional story that wrestled with those themes.

Matt: Interesting, so this is based on a true story then?

Me: No, I just said that it was a fictional story. In other words I made it up.

Matt: Right. So, you say you wrestled with the themes of love, joy, peace and hope in the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Venezuela crisis that’s been going on for the last couple of years.

Me: Why? That doesn’t really have anything to do with my book. If it’s okay with you I’d love to talk about the little town of Jonesdale and the mysterious character Wyatt Jack meets at the beginning of the book.

Matt: Oh sure. We weren’t able to get anyone on the show to talk about the PBS documentary when it aired, so that would be great.

Me: Um, there wasn’t a documentary. Again this is a fictional story. Are you thinking of Jonestown and Jim Jones?

Matt: Exactly, just how do you portray the people of Jonestown in your book and what role does Jack play in the corruption?

Me: Matt, I really don’t think you’re listening to me. My book has nothing to do with Jim Jones, Venezuela or any real life people. It’s just a nice little Christmas story where a guy named Jack wants to give his friends a present that will really make a difference in their life. He wants to give them a Christmas they’re remember but it ends up being a Christmas he wishes they’d forget.

Matt: Right Daveed, right.

Me: It’s David.

Matt: Right. Well, we’ve been chatting with Mr. Lindler about his Book “The Christmas Setup” which isn’t about Jim Jones or Jonestown or Venezuela. It’s available today wherever good books are sold.

Me: Actually Matt, it’s only available on Amazon.

Matt: Right, Amazon. Hey, you don’t happen to know of anyone that’s looking for a new anchor do you?

Me: Yeah, about that. I was wondering if you feel any remorse for what you did?

Matt: What did I do? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Me: Right. Well I don’t know of anything at the moment, maybe you should think about doing a documentary on Venezuela?

Matt: What does Venezuela have to do with anything? I’m a news anchor.

Me: Are you?

Well, they say that there’s no such thing as bad press. So, if you’re looking for a good Christmas story to read this coming Christmas season, I’d love for you to check out my book “The Christmas Setup”. It’s got a great message and some really helpful ways to think about love, joy, peace and hope as you go through the Christmas season. A quick note: it’s 31 chapters long so you can read the one chapter a day starting the Monday before Advent (this year that’s Nov. 25), and finish on Christmas Eve. There is also an audio podcast version of the story right here on

Here’s a link to purchase a paperback or ebook version of “The Christmas Setup” available anywhere you can buy books on Amazon!