Love your neighbor as yourself.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Except for when politics are involved. Then you can hate people who disagree with you. Except for when we disagree with people on any issue. Then we are free to hate, destroy, tear down ruin. Except when our political agenda is on the line, then we must demolish.

Are we not supposed to love those who hate us? Do we even know what the Love of God is? I mean, seriously, really?

Did not God love those who hated him by sending his son? Is this not the whole ministry given to believers – the ministry of reconciliation?

Can we not remember how to disagree without needing to destroy those with whom we disagree?

What toxic lies have we swallowed, hook, line and sinker that have led us to believe we are justified to vilify those who disagree with us?

Has not the gospel of Jesus suffered because we have placed political agendas ahead of the agenda of the mission of God’s kingdom?

Have we forgotten where our loyalties lie? We are not citizens of a country with human rulers. We are citizens of heaven with a divine ruler.

Do we not see the distraction politics have become to the mission of the kingdom? Do you not feel the tainting of your own heart and soul the more you read and digest and internalize the lies seething with hatred fro those who disagree with your point of view?

We have got to wake up and not only get ourselves out of the mud, but starting lifting other brothers and sisters out.

If there is something we must no longer tolerate, it must be the belittling of one another based on political ideologies. Instead, let us all seek to elevate Christ and his worldview above all others.

What was his worldview? Love.

Did not Jesus give his life for those who crucified Him?

Did not Jesus forgive his murders while suffering their murder?

Though He was God, He did not use his position as God for his own advantage. He made himself nothing.

We are not God, and yet, somehow we use our position in Christ for our own advantage, seeking to make others nothing for not agreeing with us.

There is no argument that can defeat this kind of love. You can argue til you’re blue in the face about politics, but if someone loves you sacrificially, there is no argument for that.

What if we just stopped engaging in political arguments? What if we stopped ingesting politically skewed reports about the others side? You may say, “I am able to sift through the agenda and find the truth.” Are you? I’d be willing to be there are people around you who hear the skewed agenda come out in your life. Is that really what you want to come out of your life? Wouldn’t you rather have Christ be what people recognized about you?

I would. I do. I have nearly completely given up any talk of politics, nearly any consumption of politically driven agendas. Why? Because I don’t care? Absolutely not. But because I understand the most important difference I can make is in the relationships I have with real people in my life. I have little/no control over Washington DC or Washington State. I do my civic duty and vote. Beyond that, what is there for me to do? Love my neighbor as Jesus loved me.

I have this crazy suspicion that, were we all to do this, there would be no need for political disagreements at all.

But then again, with all that we consume, chances are we’ll just go on to the next clickbait. You may even share this article, but will you think before you share that next slamming him or her post? I hope so. I hope we all will.

This is not something that will be changed by politicians. It will only be changed if we, one at a time choose to engage in the greatest pursuit – Love. Agape, Unconditional Love. Love in the midst of disagreements. This is truly the most excellent way.

It’s time for a change. And not from our politicians. From us. What are we sacrificing for our political view? In the end, I have a feeling it won’t be worth it. Is it worth losing relationships over politics? Maybe not even politics, but strongly held beliefs? What have we lost? How do not only get it back, but move forward in a more civilized fashion?