Proverbs 24:3-4

By wisdom a house is built,
and through understanding it is established;
by knowledge its rooms are filled
with all kinds of precious and pleasing treasures.

Happy homes don’t happen by accident. Those families that you see where all the kids grow up and love each other, come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and like each others’ posts on Facebook don’t just happen. They happen because there were parents who purposefully built the house.

A house is build on wisdom. It ought to make sense. If the foundation for the earth is wisdom, then shouldn’t it make sense that the foundation for your home should also be wisdom? We’ve covered that topic plenty, so there’s no need to go back through it – you can just go back and read those verses. The foundation of a happy home is wisdom. Sure, there are other things in there too like love and grace. But wisdom is the foundation.

And the walls are understanding. This doesn’t mean just the kind of understanding we think of. As in, “I’m an understanding person.” I’d imagine that could be a part of it. But, this is the same understanding we have spoken of all along. It’s the understanding that looks at the things of this life and figures out the principles that are running beneath them. This is intelligence and discernment.

In other words, it is by intentional thought that the house is built. It is using our intellect and discernment to evaluate where things are and where we want them to be, then coming up with a plan to take them there.

Finally, it is by knowledge that it’s rooms are filled. As in perception and skill. As in using those things that you know, and applying them to your family. As in increasing your knowledge. You need to learn things about raising a family. You need to take the time to think about why your kids are the way they are, and then seek knowledge, understanding and wisdom to come up with a plan to fix it. It is by seeking wisdom of others who know more than you. Being humble enough to ask for advice. Not thinking you know it all, but being willing to admit where you need help.

If we are intentional about the kinds of homes we are making, then we have a much greater chance of having a home filled with precious and pleasing treasures. Not of the kind that have monetary value, but the kind that have eternal value.

Happy homes don’t happen by accident.