Proverbs 16:26-27

A laborer’s appetite works on his behalf,
for his hunger urges him to work.
A wicked scoundrel digs up evil,
and his slander is like a scorching fire.

If you’ve been looking for biblical justification for calling today’s media “wicked scoundrels”, this is the verse you’ve been looking for. “A wicked scoundrel digs up evil, and his slander is like a scorching fire.” Of course, not only do they dig up evil, but they are in the process of fabricating stories. If you don’t believe me, as soon as you know someone who has been attacked by the media you will understand.

But, for today’s post I want to focus on the first proverb. And this is the reason. It seems that many of us today have forgotten the main reason why we go to work.

For some reason, we have started thinking that we are being forced to go to work because of “the man.” There’s a sense of entitlement about many who think they shouldn’t have to work. They shouldn’t have to go somewhere every day and give away big chunks of their time to someone else. The feeling is that we should just be given everything we need to live by some beneficiary.

Let me remind us, we don’t go to work because “the man” is making us go. We go to work so we can eat and sleep indoors. We go to work so we can have food on in the cupboard, gas in the tank, a bed to sleep on and a roof to protect us from the rain. We go to work so we can have heat in the winter, clothes on our backs and water to drink.

The next time you’re at work and feeling like you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, all you have to do is think back to the home you left a few hours ago. That’s why you’re there. The next time your stomach growls, and you’re able to find something to eat – realize that it’s those hours of work that put food in your mouth.

There is no system in the world that can provide all those things for every single person, nor should there be. We are meant to work. That’s part of being human.