Proverbs 15:18-19

A quick-tempered person stirs up dissension,
but one who is slow to anger calms a quarrel.
The way of the sluggard is like a hedge of thorns,
but the path of the upright is like a highway.

Just because you can drive fast, doesn’t mean you’re not a sluggard. Look at Lightning McQueen for example. He was a very fast race car. And in the context of a race, he was very diligent. But in the rest of his life, he was a sluggard. He was also proud, but we’ll not dog on him for that today.

He was so caught up in being the star race car that he didn’t even realize he had let the rest of his life go. He didn’t even know there was life outside of racing.

Just look at what happened when he tried to race Doc on the dirt track. He ended up in the cactus. But Doc, much older and much wiser was on the highway, living high on life and high on the failure of McQueen.

Just because you’re good at one thing, doesn’t make you good at everything.

Make sure you read that line.

Just because you’re good at one thing, doesn’t make you good at everything. You need to work at all of life. You need to be aware of your true and realistic abilities in all facets of living. You must be aware of your short comings, and be diligent about improving them.

If you don’t work at that, you are a sluggard. You’re taking the easy road. You’re resting on the success of the one thing you’re good at. And eventually that won’t be enough. And even if you don’t know it, everyone around you does. Even if you’re not aware of the fact that you suck at the rest of life, all your friends and family are aware of it. Painfully aware of it. And they’re highly annoyed with you for it.

Do them and the world a favor. Don’t be a sluggard in the rest of life just because you’re good at one facet of it. If you’re good at being a dad, that doesn’t mean you’re automatically a great husband. Just because you’re good at basketball doesn’t mean you’re a good leader. Just because you’re a successful businessman doesn’t mean you know everything about life. Just because you are good with money doesn’t mean you are good with people.

Don’t be a sluggard, you’ll end up in the cactus.