How many people do you know who go through life just letting it happen to them? I’ve been caught up in that. It feels like there is no way to do anything about anything. Life is coming at you from every direction. It’s like being surrounded by fire hydrants with no where to turn to catch your breath.

My wife and I are working on what we want our family values to be. She mentioned one tonight in passing, and as I sat and thought about it, I realized how huge it is.


I don’t want to be the guy that wrestles with life as it comes. It’s hard to be prepared for that. It would be like being in a boxing match in the dark while your opponent has night vision. He could see you and come at you with every advantage. And all you can do is take the blows, and maybe duck a couple.

That’s no way to go through life. And yet, so many of us live it that way. We let life happen to us and complain that things are never going our way.

Of course things are never going our way, we aren’t making anything go!

We walk through life as a pawn to be used in everyone else’s strategy. We let someone push us around to one space, only to find we were never meant to go there.

It’s Your Life…Sort Of

Here’s the thing, if you just aimlessly wander through life letting it happen to you, you will have wasted something very precious.

You were created for a purpose. You are who you are for a reason. Your personality, your body shape and size, your intellect, your creativity, your heart. It was all designed by your creator to be used for His glory.

When you let other people push you around, you’re allowing your life to be used for their glory. WHAT A WASTE!!! I would even go so far as to say, sacrilegious. If God created you for a purpose, and doing that purpose brings glory to Him, then when you’re not living up to that you’re living as a heretic.

Do you really want to honor God?

Then take the time to figure out who God has created you to be and be it. Don’t get distracted by what He has made others to be, that’s for them not you. Figure out who you are supposed to be, then fight for it. Go to the Mattresses to be who you were destined to be. Stand up to the bullies who try to use you for their own schemes.

Live your life with such intensity on purpose that even the passerby knows who and why you are. Don’t let life happen to you. Instead, bring the happen on your life.

When you figure out who God wants you to be – and then you go after it – it’s a lot harder for life to happen to you. You’re not caught in a mob of people with no road signs. You’re on a path walking past the chaos. With every step you live on God’s path for you life, you bring Him glory.

Is life happening to you, or are you happening to your life?