Now that Halloween is passed, I thought I’d share some of my rules for Trick or Treat. At least when it comes to getting candy from us.

First, we will not sit at the bottom of the driveway. If you’re not willing to walk up the driveway to get the candy, you get no candy.

Second, if you are over about 4 feet tall, you have to answer a question: Who was the 16th president of the United States? If you cannot answer the question correctly, you get no candy.

Third, if you knock twice in a period of less than 20 seconds, you get no candy. (My kids did this while we were out trick-or-treating with them, they would’ve been left out.)

Fourth, you do not get to pick the candy from the jar, we get to pick it for you. You did not pay for the candy (neither did we, grandma did). You get to eat the candy, not us. So the only joy we get out of giving the candy is picking the piece to stick you with. If you’re nice, you get the big pack. If not, you get a milk-dud. One. Unwrapped. Possibly pre-moistened. Maybe from last year. If you’re not okay with this, you get no candy.

Fifth, the whole reason you get candy is for dressing up. If you do nothing more than tie one of your dad’s ties around your forehead, or even worse, just grab your pillow case and go begging for candy…you get no candy.

Disclaimer: if you come to my house and break one of these rules, you may still get a piece of candy. 🙂