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Dear Pessimistic Leader,

First let me apologize. I don’t know all of what you’ve gone through, but I do know some of it. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy. I know that a lot of what you have endured has led to where and who you are right now. I know that it is because of imperfect people like you and me that you feel the way you do. And for that I apologize. For whatever has been done to you or said about you, I’m sorry.

Second, I know a lot of things have gone wrong for you. I know you’ve seen a lot of bad things happen, and you don’t have hope that good things will just naturally happen. People are messed up, so why should we expect anything good from them? However, just because people are messed up and we have a track record of bad with you, does that mean nothing good will ever come of us?

Don’t give up on hope. It doesn’t seem like there is any kind of hope to hold on to at the moment. I understand that. But giving up on hope is almost like giving up all together.

You see, we’re all holding on to hope for you. We are all hoping that you will slowly, but surely, regain some of the hope that you once had. We are deeply concerned for you. We hope that you will find some optimism somewhere and that it will leak over into your leadership of us.

You may not realize it, but your pessimism makes it very hard for us to stay optimistic. We try. We come it meetings and interactions with you, having had a great day, but not long after the meeting begins we hear about all the negative things in your life and our day begins to go down hill.

We look to you to lead us, and where you lead us we often follow. That means if you lead us into pessimism we will go there. We beg you to lead us to a more hopeful and optimistic future!

We’re not really sure why you’re negative, from our perspective you seem to have it pretty good. Are you just negative to bring us down so you can control us? Is there some other benefit you receive from negativity? We all face challenges, but that doesn’t mean we have to be pessimistic about them. [tweetherder]In fact, we think optimism in the face of challenges gives us the best chance to overcome. [/tweetherder]

We hold on to hope for you. We believe that there is a positive, optimistic you that is just waiting to get out. We long for that. We dream of working in an environment full of hopes and dreams. We dream of an environment where nothing is impossible, where all ideas are welcome and achievable. We want to be a part of something great, and we know that the only way to get there is to dream.

Won’t you join us?