No one likes construction, except the company that profits from it…But, on the road I drive every day, major construction is going on. It’s been going on, for months and months. They say it might end by the end of the year, or beginning of next year. But in the mean time, it’s a big … learning lesson.

I’ve been able to see just how they’re building every aspect of this new road. From the bridge over the river, to the ovepasses and roundabouts (which no one things are a good idea…). I’ve been able to see just how big the footers are that they put under the overpass (pictured above) and how long it takes to build the form.

As I’ve had this opportunity, I’ve been doing some thinking. Just as in construction, the form is not the point. The form is only the conduit for the important thing. The form is what’s used to build and grow on.

[tweetherder]How often in worship do we let the form of our worship outshine the focus of our worship? [/tweetherder]

The form is the style, the service, the neat package we like to put everything in, all neatly wrapped up in 60 minutes on Sunday. But the time, the day and the context are not the important things. Jesus is.

When our focus goes to the form, everything comes crashing down.

The form isn’t built to support something so important. Just as in construction, the form is only holding the concrete until it is firm enough to build on.

And this is just the part that supports the overpass.

Regardless, you get the point. The overpass isn’t build on the form, the overpass is build something much stronger.

The same is true of our worship. Forms come and go. There is nothing holy or righteous about any particular form of worship. The Church has been through hundreds of different forms of worship, and will probably go through hundreds more – unless Jesus comes first…

So, whatever your style, whatever form you prefer, don’t let that form become the important thing. Doing the oldest hymn or the newest worship song, using the most hipster instrument or the coolest loops DO NOT MEAN ANYTHING!

JESUS means everything. Our focus is on our Savior – King – Creator.

Let me challenge you, try a different style of worship this week. I bet if you do, with the intention of looking for Jesus and nothing else, you’ll be surprised at what you find.

In what ways has style become more important than the focus?