For all of my career as a Worship Pastor and Songwriter, I’ve had this problem. There are tasks I need to do that don’t require my keyboard (piano) and there are others that don’t require my keyboard (computer). When I’m working on music I don’t always need the typing keyboard. When I’m typing I usually don’t need the piano keyboard.

But there’s never a very good place to put them when I’m not using them.

Also, there are times when inspiration strikes, and I need to be able to just turn around and record. If I have to get set up to do that, chances are pretty good the inspiration will wither before I get it down.

I was going to buy a desk, but then started looking and realized the cost was completely out of my reach.

So, I decided to build one. I’ve built plenty of other things, so decided it wouldn’t be a problem.

I did a lot of research on how others had designed their desks and how companies who sell them do it. Took all the ideas I liked from them and incorporated them into my design.

Then I figured out how to use google Sketchup. That wasn’t too hard, with all the videos they have.

So, there’s the end product of my designing. Now I just have to build it.

(This is what I hope my office kind of looks like when I’m done…)

Let me know what you think of it before I get too far into the building process!!!