I wanted to share a post with you that I wrote for our Worship Arts Ministry at our Church:

Tonight, for the opening session of the retreat at Cannon Beach Conference Center, Dr. Rod Stafford shared a synopsis of “The Princess and the Goblin.” The basic premise of the story is that a grandmother tells her granddaughter to follow a thread wherever it leads. At the end, she the thread will lead to grandma. It may not seem like the path makes sense, but there are reasons, so keep following the thread.

Then I started thinking about us as a Worship Arts Ministry. We’re following a thread. And I’m sure, to some of you it feels like the path might not make sense. But I have faith in the direction God is taking us.

At the end of our thread is a Worship Arts Ministry that truly honors God in as many creative forms as we can imagine. Much more than we currently use. I’ve said before, but I believe God gave us creativity for a reason, He wants us to use it to create things and give Him the glory for it. It’s in creating that we show how we and we alone are made in the image of our maker.

I know right now, to some of you, it seems like things are just spinning on in the same direction they have been going. But God is giving us a thread, and we’re starting to pursue it.

You see, when I look at us, I see potential. Sure there will be pot holes and collapsed bridges along the way that will force us to come up with new ways and directions, but there is a mountain of potential in our Worship Arts Ministry.

That’s not to say that great things haven’t happened in the past. They have, and I’m thankful for them. But I also don’t believe that our best years are behind us. I believe that God has something amazing and inexplicable for us in the months and years to come, something that we won’t be able to take credit for because it’s simply too amazing.

I hope you will continue to walk with me as we follow this thread. It is leading us somewhere, ultimately to a closer relationship with God Himself, which is what God wants for us all!

Wherever we may find ourselves right now, at this very moment in time, let’s commit ourselves to following the thread that God has for us! Let’s look forward to what God is going to do! Let’s not just remember what He has done, let’s look ahead! Yes, let’s build on the foundation already laid, but let’s be open to the new frontiers God has for us! Let’s follow the thread!