Yesterday, I asked some questions about how we as a Worship Arts Ministry know if we’re winning or losing. It’s been great to hear some of your feedback on facebook about how we can know if we are winning and I’d like to invite you to go over to our group and join the discussion.

One of my highest priorities for us as a worship ministry is the power of the team. In fact, it’s so important to me, that it’s going to be our logo, our identifier. This is something I firmly believe. ‘We’ are greater than any ‘I’ could be.

The idea of “greater than” is an idea that pertains particularly well to worship. Ultimately, we worship because He is greater than we are. We worship because we want to make more of Jesus and less of us. We want Jesus to become greater and ourselves to become less.

The idea of “we” is also quite pertinent. Even in our private worship, we use tools that required a “we”. We might sing a worship song that was written by someone else, taught to us by someone else. We might read out of the scriptures which is quite a depiction of “we” considering all the authors who were used by God to share His message with us. Even when we pray in private, we pray like those who taught us to pray.

“We” is also at the foundation of the church. We are the body. We. Not they. Not me. We. Together we make up the body of Christ. Together we comprise the body. Individually we are a part. But, individually we are not the whole.

We live in an ever-increasing “me” society. Everything can be customized exactly how we want it. Marketers are increasingly trying to get us to do things because we deserve it. We are living less and less in community and more and more in isolation. Being the body is now the exception instead of the rule. Being the body is something we do a few hours a week instead of who we are all the time. We approach everything, including church and the ministries of the church like Worship Arts with an attitude of what we can get out of it. We ask, how does this ministry make me happy and what do you have to offer me instead of serving Christ and serving one another in love.

I want us to be the anomaly. I want our Worship Arts Ministry to stand out among all others. Not for the same reasons most Worship Pastors want their ministries to stand out. I’m not worried about beating the other churches. In fact, if you know much about me, you know that I’ve committed quite a bit of my life as a Worship Pastor, to helping other Worship Pastors lead their ministries the best they can. I’m not worried about our worship being better than New Heights or Crossroads or Living Hope. Those aren’t the things about our Worship Arts Ministry that keep me up at night.

I want us to stand out because we are such a team that people just have to be involved. Because we are so much more concerned with others than ourselves that we selflessly serve by nature not by force. I want us to stand out for our humility in leading worship. I want us to stand out for our humility in serving our body and each other. I want us to be the ministry that is like minded, who has the same love, who are one in spirit and purpose. I want us to be known because selfish ambition doesn’t drive us neither does vain conceit, but humility. I want us to be known because we consider others better than ourselves and that we are more concerned with the interests of others.

I want us to stand out because our attitude is the same as that of Christ Jesus, who had every reason to boast and brag, and yet He humbled Himself and died the most embarrassing and painful death for us.

I believe that when we act this way, it will change the way we do ministry. We won’t fight for our own preferences and styles anymore. We won’t come to rehearsals unprepared because we don’t want to let the others on the team down. We won’t talk about the others on the team behind their back because we recognize that we are all on a journey and none of us have arrived.

Will you join me on this journey? Will you dare to change the status quo of Worship Arts Ministry? Will you join me as we move away from doing things to get attention for ourselves and begin doing things that point people to Christ? I believe we can. I believe we can be the most diverse and still the most unified worship arts ministry. I believe we can be a group of people who loves each other so much that others want to join us because they want to be a part of a team that truly cares about them. I believe that we can move into uncharted waters and truly tap into the creativity and ingenuity that our creator has endowed us with.

Let’s turn over a new leaf and create the future God wants for our Worship Arts Ministry!