One of the things that I said at our meeting in the fall, was that things were going to get “R.U.F.” this year. Of course, what I meant was Relationships, Unity & Focus. (And yes I know it’s a cheesy acronym, but if it works…)

Before I get into these, I want to preface it. These can all be boiled down to one phrase: ” >1″ “greater than one” or “greater than I.” That’s what worship is about, we don’t worship ourselves – we worship God who is greater than us. “More of Him, less of me.” That’s where our focus should be.

What we do is also greater than one. We don’t do worship as a solo act. That’s not to say that we can’t worship on our own (in fact, I really hope we are), but that as a Worship Arts Ministry we are >1. That requires Relationships & Unity.

This is what we are about.


Throughout this year, we will be doing things in worship services and outside of worship services to help us build relationships. Not just between myself and all of you, but among all of us in the Worship Arts Ministry. As we build relationships with each other, we become more unified.


We have to be united. Preferences should not separate us. Our purpose is the same not matter what our style preference – to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is what unifies us. Our unity is based around our relationship with our Savior.


Our focus has to be on Worshiping God. We don’t have time to be distracted by things that drive our attention elsewhere. And yes, I mean WE. WE don’t have time. As a ministry our focus should be on Worship Arts. Part of that role involves striving with our entire body to accomplish the vision God has placed on Pastor Don & the leadership of this church – which by the way is congruent with the Great commission God has given all of us – to go into all the world and make disciples.

Relationships & Unity are easy when our focus is the same. When our focus is where it should be, we all have something in common.

If you missed the last meeting, that’s a little primer on one of the things we talked about. And don’t worry, we will have another meeting soon!