I know where I was. I was in Bible college and didn’t hear about what had happened until I got to class and my prof (Dr. Kutz) told our class what had happened. I remember a lot of things about that day. We usually ate lunch outside on the nice days, and since Multnomah’s campus isn’t far from the airport, there were usually a lot of planes in the skies around the school, but not on that day. I’m sure you remember where you were too.

I remember the extra security our school set up to make us feel safe. I remember my mom calling me to talk about it. I remember putting flags in my car, as did thousands of others. I remember having services at our church the week after, and having people there looking for answers. I remember the first time I saw the pictures. It was a horrid day. And we were on the other side of the country.

Remembering is a good thing. As a country it’s good to see where we’ve been. If we don’t make a conscious decision to remember, we so easily forget the sacrifices that have been made for us, the sacrifices that have secured so many freedoms for us. How many people consciously remember Dec. 7th, 1941? June 6, 1944? May 7, 1945? August 15, 1945? We should remember.

Remembering is good for our walk too. It’s good to remember where we were before we made Christ the Lord of our lives. It’s good to remember how far we’ve come since then. It’s good to remember the sacrifice that was made for us. That’s exactly what we do when we take communion. We take those elements in remembrance of the sacrifice that was paid for us.

Remembering is important. But looking ahead is even more important. If we only see where we’ve been, we’ll never know where we’re going. If we’re only looking back, we’re not following anyone.

As a worship arts ministry, it’s important for us to see where we’ve been. We have to build on the foundation of our past. But, the plans God have for us do not lie in the ruins of what has been. The plans God has for us are plans for a hope and a future. God has a road for us to travel, and he wants us to do it in drive, not reverse.

And as we move forward, we must do so in unity. We remember where we’ve been, and where God has led us. But, we walk forward into the unknown, together, arm-in-arm. The future isn’t always clear. In this life, it never will be. But there are things that are clear, that will guide us into the unknown in unity. Faith, Hope and Love. As long as we walk forward, our faith in the Almighty God, our Hope in the ultimate future He has in store for all who believe and our Love compelling us to worship – Loving God – and to serve – Loving others, as long as we walk forward in these, our future will always be bright!