Over the next few weeks I’m going to be covering what are our Mission & Core Values as a church. I want to share them with us, because they drive us too. No matter what ministry you come across in the church they will be guided by these principles. And since they guide our church, they guide us.

Here’s a start for us:

COME, GROW, GO – Taken from the Great Commission, our mission as a church is threefold. Come together to worship and bring glory to God. Grow closer to one another and more like Jesus. Go and serve and share and love in Jesus name.

In order to accomplish this mission we strive to be an attractional church. Our goal is to get people to come and then come back by providing an exciting, authentic, passionate worship experience. The target is to the disconnected, that they might find a home.

We also want to be a discipling church. There are all kind of age groups represented at VFCOG. We want the people who come to connect together that they may grow more Christ-like. It is together, learning and living the Word that helps us to grow. We are convinced we grow larger by growing smaller. Small groups become a key to growing the church God calls us to be.

We are a missional church. Go means we are all on mission. Simply put we want to get people β€œto do.” As we teach, train and lead our people to share and serve and minister our prayer is that they are active throughout the week to do what they have come to experience and grown to learn. They might in turn be inviting others to come and grow and go.

Come, Grow, Go. It’s that simple. We come together to worship and bring glory to God. We want our worship to be exciting, authentic & passionate. We want to grow closer to God and to one another. We have to continue to grow in our relationship with God, and build deep, meaningful relationships with other members of VFCOG. And we have to Go. We have to serve the body, serve the lost and share the Gospel with the world.

That’s what we’re about. How do you think that might guide us as a Worship Arts Ministry? (Please respond here or on facebook.)