I’m sure some of you remember, and others of you don’t, and most assuredly we will talk about this on a future episode of the podcast, but I wanted to share with you in this way as well.

August 13th and 14th will be my last weekend at Gateway Community Church in Washougal, WA. I have accepted a full-time Worship Pastor Position at the Vancouver First Church of God. (http://vanfcog.org/ – new website coming soon!) I will be overseeing all aspects of the Worship Ministry there including leading worship in the contemporary and traditional services, eventually leading the choir and other responsibilities.

It’s kind of like a Rubik’s Cube. Seriously. It’s that way for all of us. I’ve been working on this Toy Story Rubik’s cube that someone gave to one of my kids (Which I’m convinced is nearly possible to solve – listen to the podcast if you want to hear me rant about this….). I’m just talking about a plain old Rubik’s Cube. Some of us are red squares, others green, others yellow or orange. For the past few years I’ve been on one side of the cube, serving where God had put me. And for a time, we were all on the same page, all the same color. But, as is expected in ministry, things changed and shifted, twisted and turned  and God started preparing another side of the cube for me.

The big point of this illustration is not about the sides and being matched up with the right people and what not, though that’s a part of it. The real point is that we are all serving on the same block. The same Kingdom. The hand that twisted the cube to get me to Gateway is also twisting the cube to move me on the the Vancouver First Church of God.

All that to say, wherever you find yourself in ministry today, know that God has you there for a reason. And if/when it’s time to move on, God will also to the twisting and turning to lead you on from here to there.