As the news around us is filled with horror stories pouring out of Japan, I’m finding it harder and harder to pay attention.

Not because I don’t care. I do.

It’s because the bent of the news. All of it. It’s all focused on all the bad stuff that’s happening. One of the top 5 most powerful earthquakes in hundreds of years. Towns have been lost because of the Tsunami. Nuclear reactors are melting down & blowing up. People are getting exposed to radiation. Families are looking for loved ones, and thousands upon thousands have died.

I am not trying to diminish the severity of what has happened and what is still happening. But, there is a lesson we can learn.

When we always broadcast the Worst Case Scenario, people stop listening.

People’s lives are hard. Everyone has something going on in their life that make living life a challenge. We are all surrounded, each day, with challenges that we have to overcome. We have mole hills that people around us are turning into mountains.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing, if right now, amongst the mountains of tragedy we were to hear a heart-warming story. I don’t know what it might be – perhaps a reunion of a family with a lost member. Maybe the nuclear plant isn’t going to meltdown. Or perhaps…..

My point is, if there’s a small lesson we can learn, half a world away – maybe one lesson is that we can be more positive. When there is so much bad going on around us, Japan – The Middle East – Gas Prices, what our people need from us is hope. So he’s my plea to you – be a Best Case Scenario person. Do whatever you can to give people hope.

Who knows, if we give people hope, maybe we too will find hope as well.