So, this week, I once again came up against a couple of problems on my mac that I’ve never had on any PC.

We use Adobe’s InDesign to do our bulletin in, and my Mac is the only computer with the software on it. Therefore, our office manager logs on to my computer via when she needs to work on and print the bulletin.

Well, I’ve been trying to create her a fully functining account that she can log into without having to use my account at all. At first, I couldn’t get her access to the folder that was in my account, (even though I had shared it) so I had to move all the files. Then I couldn’t get log me in to work logging into her account and not mine.

Now I have two new problems that I don’t know how to solve. For some reason, when you install a font on a Mac, it only installs it on the account you are working with, not on the entire machine. So, if I’m working with a graphic that is using a unique font on my account, I have to install the font on her account as well if she’s going to be able to work with it.

Secondly, when I open up InDesign, it will only open for about one minute, then a box pops up saying something about a licensing error (Yes, it’s a completely legit copy, I have the boxes and serial numbers in my office) and the program shuts down.

I’ve never had either of those problems on my PC. I also don’t understand the “Paying more for Quality” argument. There are plenty of PC computers that rival the quality of a mac, some that surpass it in my opinion, and they’re all cheaper.

Anyway, even though the world seems to think Mac is winning the PC vs. Mac battle, with me PC is winning.