I know you’ve heard me talk about this book before, but I’ve got to tell you, the more I read of it, the more I love it. I’m taking my time reading this book. It was highly recommened from several leaders that I have a ton of respect for, so I’m reading it much slower, highlighting a lot & rereading my highligted material.

I just read the section “Arousing Intrinsic Motivation” and there are some quotes I just had to share with you.

Leaders search for opportunities for people to exceed their previous levels of performance. They regularly set the bar higher

True leaders tap into people’s hearts and minds, not merely their hands and wallets.

The key to intrinsic motivation is getting involved in something that requires us to look at a situation in new ways.

It’s important that leaders have challenges, but it’s even more important that they know what it is that challenges others and what others are capable of performing.

I thought these words from Kouzes & Posner were fitting for us as worship leaders as we go through this week. Many of us will be pushing people a lot harder this week than we do any other week of the year. It’s important for all us to remember (myself definitely included) that we need to help the people we’re leading remember why we’re pushing hard this week. We need to keep the vision clear, out in front of them this entire week so that when they’re tired and running out of steam they have something bigger than their own abilities to keep them going.

It’s good to remember now, and all year round that we need to tap into people’s hearts and minds, know the poeple we’re working with and know how to challenge them in ways that will help them succeed as well as the church.