If worship is about God and not about us, why do we hold back when we get together as a body? Doesn’t it make sense that we’d want to give everything we have over to God and do whatever it is that He asks us to do? Doesn’t it make sense that we’d respond to Him how He asks us to respond to Him?

Instead, it seems that we’re more concerned with what others will think about us. What if they see me raising my hands? What will they think? What If I kneel and no one else does, what will all the people around me do?

By being more concerned with what the people around us are thinking of us than we are about our response to God, are we actually worshiping? Really? We might be worshiping something, but it’s not God – it’s ourselves. We don’t want to risk our image among those we know, so we don’t respond to God as he asks us to.

This week, what will your response be?