Sometimes I wonder if technology is really all it’s cracked up to be. At times (probably most of the time) it can be a wonderful thing. There are so many pieces of technology that make life easier, and make it easier for us to share our lives with others. There are times, when I do something that wouldn’t have ever been possible before with out it.

But at other times, I wonder. Yeah it’s great, but when it’s not working correctly, it can really be a pain. For instance: we use a VoIP phone. And when it’s working correctly it’s great. It’s cheap, and gives us more features. But when it’s not working it’s a pain. The internet is another example, when it’s up and the network is functioning properly, it’s great, when it’s not, it’s a pain.

Today, the network wasn’t working when we got back from the park, so I had to spent the next 3 or 4 hours getting it back up and working. It’s all working now, and I’m obviously online, but it was a royal pain to go through the process to figure out what was wrong.

Technology also has other issues. For instance, since we use a VoIP phone, it makes it more challenging to have phones throughout the house. So we either had to buy a more expensive phone with more extensions, or I had to figure out how to run the phone into the wiring in the house. I did that, but then there was interference from the phone service in the house. So, I had to disconnect the phone service outside the house. Now we have the phone running through the wiring in the house, which is nice. However, I’m forcing this new technology to fit into the mold of a technology that is becoming extinct. Which means at some point it will be extinct and we’ll have to buy something else to replace it.

I’m online, but thinking about not being so.