Who is reaching out to artists?

What, if anything, are we supposed to be doing in our worship ministries to be reaching out the artists in our communities? In ages past, churches were hubs for the arts. The most creative music, the most creative artwork was done in and/or for the church. Now, for the most part, the arts are completely separated from the church.

Art is taught in schools, and displayed in galleries. Yet, the church – the organization that has the most reason to be creative of all other organizations has very little to do with art today. We know that we are made in the image of our creator, the creator that expressed amazing creativity in creating us and the world and universe around us. Today, most churches seem to be the most uncreative places in the world. In some cases, the only more uncreative place is the DMV. That sounds kind of harsh, but I feel strongly that the church should not only be creative, but has a responsibility to do so.

Not only does the church have the responsibility to be creative, but the church has the responsibility to reach out to creative people. Also, the church has the responsibility to reach out to culture in general, and  be a redeeming force not only for people, but also for the culture that lost people live in. Why? Because God not only created people, but he created the earth and all that is in it. How do we reach out to these people? How do we reach out to culture? I’m working on some ways to do this, and as I come up with ideas, I’ll start posting them here