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Tips for Worship Leading

Posted on Jul 28, 2008 in Worship Ministry

Here’s an article I found on They offered some good advice on worship leading. Go Check it out:

10 Tips for Worship Leaders: How to Enhance On-Stage Presence

July 24, 2008

If you’ve ever seen a group of children perform a song for a gathering of parents and spectators, you’ve seen the teacher or leader who places his or herself directly in their line of vision and proceeds to mouth (very clearly and expressively) every word and indicate every gesture at the appropriate time so that the children can follow along and all look like they know what their doing.

That is exactly our “job” as worship leaders! We’re the coaches, the cue card holders, the kind gentleman in Pretty Woman who discreetly aids a befuddled Julia Roberts’ character in choosing the right fork for the dinner course at a fancy restaurant.


Posted on Jul 23, 2008 in Worship, Worship Ministry Catalyst

Routine is an enemy. It’s a ghost. It will sneak in unnoticed and steal away what was once creative and turn it into a tradition. Routine is something to be avoided at all costs. Routine is not creative. Routine is a pattern, at best done because it worked, at worst because it’s habit.

I’m talking about routine, when it comes to worship services. (However, it should be said that routine in your personal worship will also – most likely – lead you down a road to tradition and habit, not relationship. It should also be said that there are areas of life where routine is good – I’m not talking about those.) I know for us, right now, there are definite routines. We do certain elements in certain places. We do a minimum number of songs and have elements that have to be in a certain place for one reason or another. When I started at the church, I started doing a welcome – just a brief hello to people who were there. It wasn’t routine then. It is now.

Routine is easy. We do it because we don’t want to put any effort or thought into doing something different. We do it because we’re afraid something new won’t work. The irony is that while we’re doing the routine that keeps us from doing the new, different thing that might not work, the thing that used to work stops working. Now, we’re stuck doing something that’s not working, afraid to try something new.

Routine is comfortable. Routine is Selfish. We do routine because it feels like what we know. We do routine because it worked for us. We do routine because we’re so focused on what we want that we lose sight of what’s best for everyone else – the people we’re supposed to be leading.

I have to say, I’m embarrassed about the routine in the worship services I’m responsible for. I do it because it’s easy. I do it because it’s hard work to come up with something new. I do it because I’m lazy. The sad thing is, my laziness is taking away from the possible worship experience of those who attend each and every weekend.

So, what’s the solution. Creativity. More on that later.

Random Thoughts on Worship

Posted on Jul 15, 2008 in Worship, Worship Ministry Catalyst

If worship is about God and not about us, why do we hold back when we get together as a body? Doesn’t it make sense that we’d want to give everything we have over to God and do whatever it is that He asks us to do? Doesn’t it make sense that we’d respond to Him how He asks us to respond to Him?

Instead, it seems that we’re more concerned with what others will think about us. What if they see me raising my hands? What will they think? What If I kneel and no one else does, what will all the people around me do?

By being more concerned with what the people around us are thinking of us than we are about our response to God, are we actually worshiping? Really? We might be worshiping something, but it’s not God – it’s ourselves. We don’t want to risk our image among those we know, so we don’t respond to God as he asks us to.

This week, what will your response be?

Is Technology Worth all the hassle?

Posted on Jul 4, 2008 in Worship, Worship Ministry Catalyst

Sometimes I wonder if technology is really all it’s cracked up to be. At times (probably most of the time) it can be a wonderful thing. There are so many pieces of technology that make life easier, and make it easier for us to share our lives with others. There are times, when I do something that wouldn’t have ever been possible before with out it.

But at other times, I wonder. Yeah it’s great, but when it’s not working correctly, it can really be a pain. For instance: we use a VoIP phone. And when it’s working correctly it’s great. It’s cheap, and gives us more features. But when it’s not working it’s a pain. The internet is another example, when it’s up and the network is functioning properly, it’s great, when it’s not, it’s a pain.

Today, the network wasn’t working when we got back from the park, so I had to spent the next 3 or 4 hours getting it back up and working. It’s all working now, and I’m obviously online, but it was a royal pain to go through the process to figure out what was wrong.

Technology also has other issues. For instance, since we use a VoIP phone, it makes it more challenging to have phones throughout the house. So we either had to buy a more expensive phone with more extensions, or I had to figure out how to run the phone into the wiring in the house. I did that, but then there was interference from the phone service in the house. So, I had to disconnect the phone service outside the house. Now we have the phone running through the wiring in the house, which is nice. However, I’m forcing this new technology to fit into the mold of a technology that is becoming extinct. Which means at some point it will be extinct and we’ll have to buy something else to replace it.

I’m online, but thinking about not being so.

Lovin’ Last Comic

Posted on Jul 4, 2008 in Worship, Worship Ministry Catalyst

I’ve got to confess that I absolutely love Last Comic Standing. I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t like it, and in general comedy might not be something the majority of America want to watch, but I love it. It’s great to see the people who are actually funny. You know, the people who don’t have to be dirty to be funny. That’s the kind of funny that takes creativity. It’s also cool because there’s more than one kind of comedy on the show. If you watch a comic, even the best comic, there could very well be times during their performance when you tune out. But, when you have a variety of comedy, it’s much easier to stay tuned in.

If I had one complaint it would be that we don’t see enough of the individual performances. I think we need to see all of every persons performance so we can vote better when that time comes. We do want to be an informed audience and not just guess who’s the best.

If you haven’t, you should try it out. It’s great!

I finally gave in

Posted on Jun 25, 2008 in Worship, Worship Ministry Catalyst

I’ve been resisting the facebook surge for quite some time now. I did Myspace for a while, and I just wasn’t that thrilled with it, but my wife finally convinced me to get on facebook – (She actually set up an account for me then all I had to do was confirm.) So, after a month or so of waiting to decided if I should or not (I still wasn’t sure that facebook might be the meddling of the anti-christ) I have finally given in.

If you’re interested in adding me – you can do so through facebook.

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