Author: David Lindner

How NOT to read the Bible

There are probably thousands of articles on how to read the Bible. Classes and probably even degrees and dissertations have been done on this idea. I’m sure they’re all great. They might even say what I’m about to say. I don’t know, I’m not as smart as they are. But, I just want to share one simple idea with you, give you an example and encourage you to read your Bibles. Even though I have a degree in Bible/Theology, I have a lot (a lot!) to still learn about the Bible. I’m not writing this article to give you...

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11 Ways To Die Full Of Regret

One of the blessings of being a pastor is perspective. From my viewpoint, I get to see a bigger picture of life and meaning. A few times now, I have had to walk with people as they or a loved one has faced death. When you’re staring death in the face it has a way of putting life into perspective. In fact, over the years, I’ve worked hard to be a good steward of the opportunity that facing death provides those who remain. Much has been made about the regrets people share at the end of their lives. And...

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Why Was Jesus Born In A Manger?

I’ve done a lot of thinking about Christmas this year. It’s my favorite season, but this year, I’ve just been pondering the themes and elements in a different way. I’ve asked the question many times, why did God choose a manger for his grand entrance? Now, I’m not about to argue about whether it was a stable, a cave or an attached garage where they kept the family animals. That’s neither here nor there. Because, regardless of which of the three it was, it was not the kind of entrance a king should make. Especially the king of kings....

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The Christmas Set Up, Chapter 31 (The Last One!)

Click the play button below to listen to chapter 31 of “The Christmas Set Up!” The Christmas Set Up, Chapter 31 (Click the link to the left to read a PDF of chapter 31) Thanks so much for going with us on this journey with Jack this Christmas season. We truly hope you’ve learned about the significance of love, peace, joy and hope! If you’d like to explore with us more, we’d love to have you join us at SixEight Church! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Share...

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The Christmas Set Up, Chapter 30

Click the play button below to listen to chapter 30 of “The Christmas Set Up” and be sure to come back tomorrow, Christmas Eve, for THE LAST CHAPTER! The Christmas Set Up, Chapter 30 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Share...

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When The Snow Falls


Weather At Home

Green Mountain, Woodland, WA
temp: 50.5 F (10.3 C) (10.3)
humidity: 76%
wind: From the East at 1.0 MPH
precip: 0.08 in/hr
pressure: 30.07" (1018.2 mb)
station: KWAWOODL16
hardware: AcuRite Pro Weather Center
updated:April 4, 9:49 AM PDT
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