Author: David Lindner

Reasons not to have a garage sale

So, we’re having a garage sale today, (actually my wife is doing the garage sale while I am inside with the kids). And I’ve pretty much decided we’re never doing this again. Here are some reasons why: The paper could get your ad wrong and have people show up an hour earlier than you expected. You can say in your ad “no earlies” but that means nothing to most “earlies.” Those “earlies” will ring your doorbell repeatedly, just to let you know they’re there. (As if you hadn’t noticed the 10 cars in front of your house, and heard their conversations. It takes way more time to separate the stuff you want to sell (half of which is stuff you bought at a garage sale in years past), set up the sale, and man the sale than the money you will take in will give you per hour. Some old biddy will knock a jar of pickled peppers off the table, making a huge mess. The same old biddy will try to help you clean up the mess, and in the process ruin your kitchen broom. Your wife will have to hold your daughter while you clean up the mess. Before you get the mess cleaned up, your daughter will walk through the pickle juice in her socks. Your garage will now smell like pickle juice. By the time...

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Like being on Vacation, without the Vacation

My wife and I are moving. I accepted a job at a new church last November and have been commuting 56 miles one way, for the last 7 months. We’re very excited that we have sold our house and have bought a house where our new church is. The interesting thing about it is that my wife has been packing stuff in boxes for months now, and for the last two weeks has really been hitting it hard. She’s great! The thing is, that it’s kind of like being on vacation. We’re getting more and more to the point of having only the essentials out for our living necessities, and more and more of it is in boxes. It’s not like a vacation though because we’re moving the boxes and doing things that I wouldn’t normally consider fun. However, in light of the fact that we will be getting a brand new home, and really a brand new life, it makes it all worth it. I’m sore, and I’m tired, but I’m thankful. Share...

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Being a leader requires courage

Don’t be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small steps. – David Loyd George Sometimes in leadership something becomes obvious to us, and yet, we ignore whatever it is. Sometimes, it’s extremely obvious, so obvious that all the people around us see that we ought to be doing this thing, and still we don’t do it. Often times in leadership, we don’t do what we know we ought to do because we’re afraid to even breech the topic. Maybe your doing something in your job that goes against your ethics, yet you keep doing it because you don’t want the confrontation it would take to stop doing this unethical thing. Or maybe your boss is killing you off, giving you way too much to do, and you’d rather die than talk to him about the situation. Or maybe you disagree with the philosophy of your boss, possibly to the point of driving you insane, but you don’t want to even think about talking about this with him. Let me offer you a word of encouragement, be courageous. Nothing great was ever achieved by someone who didn’t act in a courageous way. At some point, all the leaders we admire, took a step that was uncomfortable, awkward, risky or even dangerous. And it was that step that began their...

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The beauty of absence

Sometimes the absence of a “critical” component to the worship band can enhance the worship experience. We had a couple in our church lead worship this weekend. It was their first weekend leading at our church, and I really wanted to make sure it was a great experience for them, so I was trying to make sure everything was in place, and it just sop happened that this was the weekend that everyone couldn’t participate. We ended up without a drummer or electric guitarist. I was a little nervous. This couple have led worship before for another church, and have sung together for many years. They did a phenomenal job! The worship had a very cool, acoustic vibe to it, and the congregation responded extraordinarily well to their leadership. It seems to have been a success for this couple and for our church. This just goes to show you that God had a different plan for this weekend that was different than ours. Had our plan succeeded things would have probably been fine, but likely not as good as this. The connection with our congregation might not have been as strong, and the feeling may not have been as good as it is. God new the plans he had for our congregation, and they are the plans that will lead our congregation into the future. Share...

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Artist Evangelism

Who is reaching out to artists? What, if anything, are we supposed to be doing in our worship ministries to be reaching out the artists in our communities? In ages past, churches were hubs for the arts. The most creative music, the most creative artwork was done in and/or for the church. Now, for the most part, the arts are completely separated from the church. Art is taught in schools, and displayed in galleries. Yet, the church – the organization that has the most reason to be creative of all other organizations has very little to do with art today. We know that we are made in the image of our creator, the creator that expressed amazing creativity in creating us and the world and universe around us. Today, most churches seem to be the most uncreative places in the world. In some cases, the only more uncreative place is the DMV. That sounds kind of harsh, but I feel strongly that the church should not only be creative, but has a responsibility to do so. Not only does the church have the responsibility to be creative, but the church has the responsibility to reach out to creative people. Also, the church has the responsibility to reach out to culture in general, and  be a redeeming force not only for people, but also for the culture that lost people...

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When The Snow Falls


Weather At Home

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