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We have a Saturday Night Service. This last Saturday night was February 14th. Know where I’m going? No, I’m not talking about the service we did, I’m talking about missing getting spend Valentine’s Day with my sweetheart. So, since we couldn’t do anything on Valentine’s day, we went out on Monday Night, the 16th instead, and it was a good night. Almost 7 years ago, my wife & I had our first date. It was at a little place called Jazz de Opus and the performer that night (and the reason we went there) was Dan Balmer. So, on Monday night, after not having been back in quite a while we went to see Dan Balmer at Jimmy Maks (Jazz de Opus has closed and last I heard was a Gay mens club.) Not only was this a Romantic experience for my wife & I, it was an inspiring night for me as a musician. The Dan Balmer Trio consists of Dan Balmer who plays Electric, George Mitchell who plays keys & bass, and a drummer (the drummer changes from time to time, though he recorded an album with Matt Wilson). Dan also has another group, Go By Train which plays more of a fusion-esque Jazz as opposed to the the Dan Balmer Trio. My friend Mike introduced me to Dan Balmer a while ago, and Dan has since...

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The iPod as a worship tool

Today I wanted to write about a tech tool that I use quite often, the iPod. Of course, not everybody has an ipod, some have other brands of mp3 players, some use CD’s etc. Here’s why I use an ipod (or any mp3 player) instead of CD’s. First, it’s easier to go through a lot of songs. What I used to do was buy a bunch of CD’s, rip them to mp3’s and then load them on my computer. Lately I’ve been buying albums on iTunes. I don’t have to keep a whole stack of CD’s in my car. I don’t have to keep messing with swapping the CD’s and keep them all in their correct cases. Second, it’s easier to cut out the songs that I don’t think are going to work. Once I’ve listened to all the songs and I’ve started to eliminate some of the songs that aren’t going to work, all I have to do is remove them from the playlist. I don’t have to keep skipping past the songs that we aren’t going to use, I can focus completely on the songs we might use. Thirdly, once I have the gotten the songs down to the list that I’m actually going to use, I have a playlist that I can use to learn the songs, use in rehearsals, etc. For me, and iPod really...

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Creativity Takes Patience, Silence, Time, and …

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Creativity lately. I know that many of you are a part of creative teams at your churches and you all have your own process for how come to your end result. I’ve been wanting to write what I know about how to utilize creativity in the local church, and have had trouble narrowing down the ideas, so I just decided to start writing and work it out along the way. First, let’s start by defining what a Creative Team is (and isn’t). I’ve been doing a lot of research on other creative teams out there, and what I’ve found is that there are two types of creative teams – at least the term gets used in these two ways quite regularly. In the first it is used to describe a team of people who do the creative stuff. They’re the dancers, singers, actors, etc. This is NOT the type of creative team I will be discussing. The type of creative team I will be talking about is the group of people who meet to brainstorm creative ideas about a sermon or sermon series and creative worship elements that will enhance the point of the sermon or sermon series. With that out of the way, I want to talk about one of the biggest hindrances to the success of a creative team...

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5 Elements of a great song – Chris from Canada

I just found a great article over on Chris’s page. Here’s the link: Here are some of the highlights from the article: 12:37 Chris – 5 Elements of a Great Song – #1 Define Your Purpose 12:38 Chris – ‘Songs that have universal appeal fall in to that trap. They have no specific purpose and no specific meaning.’ 12:40 Chris – Lots of worship songs are filled with phrases that have worked really well in other worship songs. 12:40 Chris – ‘What is my purpose here? Is this how I would talk with someone I love? It this really how I talk or am I treating people like cattle?’ 12:43 Chris – Example of specific songs with specific purpose – Heart of Worship by Matt Redman, God of Justice by Tim Hughes. 12:44 Chris – 5 Elements of a Great Song – #2 Eight Seconds 12:44 Chris – ‘Whether it’s A&R or a congregation, you don’t have more than about eight seconds to get them engaged.’ 12:47 Chris – ‘Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.’ 12:49 Chris – 5 Elements of a Great Song – #3 Show and Tell 12:49 Chris – ‘Communicate the image by telling them what it is.. but you also have to provide them with a picture, something they can see, something that they can put in context.’ 12:50 Chris – Don’t go...

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Listed in Leadership Journal

I just found out today that Worship Ministry Catalyst got listed in an article in Leadership Journal about Helpful Worship Blogs. Here’s a pic from the blog “Chris from CA” who also got listed. You can see we’re about 6th from the top. Some of my other Blog friends are listed there as well: Fred McKinnon Worship Trench Chris From Canada Rich Kirkpatrick If I can find a link to the article I’ll post it on the site, but I think it’s a subscription based service to be able to access that article. Thanks for listing us Leadership Journal. Share...

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When The Snow Falls


Weather At Home

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