Author: David Lindner

Calling Out To You

I wrote this song around Revelation 3:20: “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.” I wanted to capture the idea of Jesus calling. The idea that he was Calling out to us from outside the door, waiting for us to answer. We will be using it at our church as the invitation after our Easter Message, and that is how the song would be used the best. Calling Out To You by davidlindner Share...

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S.O.S. – A parishoners guide to being prepared to Worship

What would the fly on the windshield say? Nothing now. No, not the one on the outside, the one on the inside.  You know, when you get to Gateway on a Saturday evening or a Sunday morning, if the little fly followed you into church and told someone what had been going on what would he say? I’ve heard from these flies (I don’t want to take this metaphor too far for fear that you actually start to think I talk to flies, like I’m some sort of bug whisperer so I’ll stop now.) and what I hear is that in general there are one of three things that happen in the car on the way to church. The first story I hear is nothing. People just drive to church as if they’re driving to Target and do nothing differently. The second story I hear is one of stress. Parents are stressed from trying to get everyone ready for church, kids are stressed because the parents are stressed and the poor little fly is terrified (sorry, just couldn’t resist). The third story I hear is one of preparation. There’s an understanding that what’s to come is of utmost importance and we want to be ready for it. My goal is to give you a simple way to help prepare you and your family for worshipping with us each weekend...

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The Oscars and your Worship Ministry

Granted, the people we might have watched on TV, Sunday night, March 7th, weren’t volunteers, there’s a lesson we can learn – Appreciation. You don’t have to watch any awards show for long to recognize two things: first, people like being appreciated, second people need an opportunity to thank people who have helped them succeed. When working with volunteers we need to create these opportunities. We need to create opportunities to thank our volunteers and we need to give our volunteers opportunities to thank others who have helped them. The first is obvious, something we think about and probably do quite often (hopefully). If you’re not in the practice, it would be a good practice for you to get into. That practice is, regularly thanking your volunteers. Say thanks after a worship service. Say thanks after a rehearsal. When someone tells you they spend time working on their parts during the week, say thanks. Send thank-you notes as often as you can. Take every opportunity to pat your volunteers on the back. We should also create specific opportunities to thank volunteers. I’ve done something that I call the WAMMIES (Worship Arts Ministry Most influential and exceptional service) awards. I went with that because it’s a play on Grammy’s (just in case that wasn’t obvious to you;) and because it’s kind of corny and funny. It was an event, obviously...

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These Days

This is a song I wrote for my wife for Valentine’s Day. It’s not a polished recording, but I think you’ll enjoy it. Each verse talks about a different “day,” or phase of our life.  The bridge has a nice little bit of punch to it to encourage us to be making new memories each day. Share...

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No Treble – A Site for Bassists

You may have seen my post yesterday about echoes, and in that post I mentioned that those two articles were written by Evan Kepner of No Treble. Well, I had to do a separate post about this site, because it’s worth your time. It would be a great resource to pass on to the bass players in your worship bands. It would also be a great way for us to learn more about bass so we can help instruct our players a little more. There’s a section with lessons, videos showing how to play some bass licks, and other great resources. You should definitely go check it out. Share...

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When The Snow Falls


Weather At Home

Green Mountain, Woodland, WA
temp: 50.5 F (10.3 C) (10.3)
humidity: 76%
wind: From the East at 1.0 MPH
precip: 0.08 in/hr
pressure: 30.07" (1018.2 mb)
station: KWAWOODL16
hardware: AcuRite Pro Weather Center
updated:April 4, 9:49 AM PDT
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