The lens through which you see the world is incredibly important.

The term for this is, paradigm. In case you’re not sure what I mean by that, let me explain. Your paradigm (the lens through which you see the world, AKA worldview) is a combination of your beliefs, values, knowledge, identity, habits, family history & relationships. (And many more.)

Each of these areas of our lives affects how we see the world and in turn how we interpret what we see and what we experience.

In the beginning, Adam & Eve’s paradigm was God, His goodness and their God-given purpose. That was all they knew. These were the only filters available to them. This was their paradigm. And it was all they needed. Their identity wasn’t in question, they knew who they were. They believed in God and that was enough. They valued what God said to value. They did what God said to do. And their relationship with God and each other was perfect.

They weren’t roaming through the garden looking for their “Place in this world” (Any Michael W. Smith fans?). They were living out their God-given purpose every day. And it was really good.

But that one act of wanting to be God (determine for ourselves our own path and what is right and wrong) changed everything about how they saw and interacted with God’s world. And it changed everything for us also.

The “why”, that driving force behind their lives changed from their God-given purpose to the pursuit of personal pleasure. Their paradigm went from God-given purpose to personal pleasure.

How Do you see this paradigm at work in your life and in the world around us?

How is your paradigm affecting you