The time has arrived! As of midnight tonight (March 15th), my album “Peaceful Piano Hymns” will be available for purchase and streaming. (Yes I chose March 16th because it was 3:16)

Now, I’m asking for your help with something:

  • Do you have a worship music playlist? Would you consider adding this album to your playlist?
  • Do you have a preservice playlist for your church? Would you consider adding this album to that playlist?
  • Do you know someone who has a worship music playlist? Would you recommend they add this to their playlist?

“What with the playlist thing?”

Good question.

So, here’s the deal. During the last reporting period for Spotify I had 85 total streams on my 2012 Christmas album. I made 29 cents from those 85 streams. That album only appears on 7 playlists total, including a few of my own. And that album isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I get it.

But this album has a much broader appeal, especially on Spotify where people listen to playlists as background music all the time.

I have a goal of getting songs from this album on at least 100 playlists. Some playlists like this one I created has 10 followers. ( Would you consider following this playlist? I’ll be adding my music to it.) But, there are other playlists that have tens of thousands, even millions of followers. The more playlists a song gets on, the greater the likelihood the Spotify folks will select it for one of their playlists, which have millions of followers.

So, will you help me get this music on some playlists? No, I’m not trying to get wealthy off of Spotify. That’s not likely to happen. But, getting this music out there for more people to hear and listen to and worship and meditate to, well, that’s why I’m doing this. And it would be awesome to make back some of the money I’ve invested into equipment and student loans that I’m still paying off for the music education I don’t really use.

I haven’t mentioned the streaming part until today. If you’d like to purchase the album, as I have said with other independent artists like myself, I always recommend buying the album from whatever digital platform you prefer (iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Music, etc.) and THEN stream it on Spotify or your preferred streaming platform. Do both. For independent artists you know, always do both.

Why do both? Because independent artists don’t have a label or PR person helping them get the word out. And, chances are, most independent artists you know aren’t the type who are likely to promote themselves and try to sell their music. I personally hate it. I’ve done more for this album than any other, but I still feel slimy about it.

So, yes if you’d consider buying it for 10 bucks, that would be awesome. But also, if you’d consider adding this to a playlist and then actually playing that playlist, that would be great too.

Aside from giving people a tool to help them in their personal worship, (I’ll be writing more about that tomorrow) I have some numeric goals, and they seem kind of crazy, but you can help for free if you want.

  • Get on 100+ playlists with 100+ followers. (I don’t know how, but still a goal)
  • Go from 4 monthly listeners to over 10,000 monthly listeners this year.
  • Make enough money to actually receive a payout from CD Baby. (Still 37 dollars short)
  • Get one of my solo piano songs on an official Spotify playlist.
  • Be able to help other artists get their music heard.

You are free not to do any of this and I won’t think less of you for it. I’m not keeping a list of all my friends who do/don’t so that I can do a drive by fruiting. But, it’s free and even very easy in terms of the amount of time it takes to do some of these things.

So, I figured I’d ask. The worst that could happen is you’d say no. The most likely thing to happen is you’ll forget before you finish reading this senten….