10.) It might not be your favorite book, but it probably won’t be your least favorite one either. Probably.

9.) If the book becomes popular, you can brag about having the first edition. If it doesn’t, you’ll still have the only edition.

8.) The book is always better than the movie. Especially if there is never a movie.

7.) You’ve been doing too well at gift-giving in the past and need some tips to disappoint the people you love this year.

6.) You can look for the 54 word long run on sentence. Kind of like a treasure hunt without the treasure.

5.) Let’s be honest, you deserve a new book. And it’s a Christmas book. Why not start the gift-giving early. To yourself.

4.) Reading is said to reduce stress and improve memory and imagination. So why not read a story about someone else who’s stressed out?

3.) You can get an ebook version of it so you have something interesting to read in the bathroom.

2.) You can stick it to the man and buy a book that isn’t being backed by a multi-million dollar marketing machine.

1.) You’ll have something to do when your uncle starts talking politics at Thanksgiving.