Proverbs 24:5-6

A wise warrior is strong,
and a man of knowledge makes his strength stronger;
for with guidance you wage your war,
and with numerous advisers there is victory.

When we think of great warriors, names like Spartacus & William Wallace. We think of those who were strong and brave. Who were willing to take on armies single-handedly, and could, by their own might, arise victorious. And certainly there is something to be said for becoming skilled in your craft, taking the time to learn how to wield your weapon and engage in combat.

However, those aren’t the truly great warriors. They might be, because I don’t actually know much about these men. But, I’m not talking of them specifically. I’m speaking of those who think that physical strength is enough to win battles. Those who think that being able to throw someone across the room makes you the manliest man in the room that day. And those aren’t the truly great warriors.

The truly great warriors are those who are strong, but who use knowledge to make their strength stronger. Yes, strength is good, but a proper knowledge and understanding of battle makes your strength stronger. A proper understanding of fighting techniques makes your strength that much more powerful.

And it doesn’t stop there. To your strength, add knowledge. But to your knowledge add guidance. Add guidance before you get into battle. Get help deciding if you should go to war, and the strategies you should use to win the war.

Because it’s a combination of those things that brings victory. With numerous advisers comes victory. So, combine your strength with your own knowledge and get guidance. Get guidance of others who have combined their strength with knowledge and guidance. And as you you get their input and advice, you will see things and be prepared for things you wouldn’t have know about otherwise.

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t just for battle and war. This is also for life. All of it. Get strong. Add knowledge. Add Guidance from many counselors.

Work on your strengths and make them as strong as you can at that moment in time. Not just physical strength, but your other strengths as well.

Add knowledge to your strength and make your strengths stronger. Add knowledge to your strengths, whatever they may be, so that you aren’t just working on the same skills over and over. But, through your increasing knowledge, you’re adding new skills that can become strengths.

And add to your knowledge the guidance of many counselors. Whatever your strengths may be, and whatever knowledge you’ve added to them, it can only be made stronger by adding the input of others who are stronger and smarter than you.

Strength. Knowledge. Guidance. Do those things and maybe someone will include your name in that list too.