Proverbs 23:22-23

Listen to your father who begot you,
and do not despise your mother when she is old.
Acquire truth and do not sell it—
wisdom, and discipline, and understanding.

We pursue a lot of things in life. We pursue wealth and comfort. Family and friends. And some of those are good things. And those are things we intentionally pursue. There are things we pursue unintentionally as well. Such as Facebook, TV, coffee, laziness and the Walking Dead. We get on Facebook and talk about things like coffee and The Walking Dead and then wonder why we live such unfulfilled lives.

What if we pursued truth, wisdom, discipline and understanding with the same intensity that we pursue these other things? What if we were as intentional about acquiring truth as we were about informing all of our friends about how our coffee tastes this morning.? What if we were as intentional about acquiring wisdom as we were about staying up to date with The Walking Dead? What if we tried to be as disciplined in all of our lives as we are disciplined in our TV time? What if we pursued understanding as much as we pursued money?

I think if we did, our lives would look much different. For some reason we have been deceived into thinking that pursuing all these things are the things that will bring us the most rewards with our friends and current social status. For some reason, we’ve bought into a lie that things like Facebook and TV will pay dividends in other areas of our lives. But, in case you didn’t know this, they won’t.

Don’t be confused, there can be good things that come from Facebook and TV, Coffee and money. It’s good to stay in contact with your friends and family. There are some lessons that we are able to learn from watching TV. Coffee tastes good and money is a good thing to have around. But, if those are the things we spend our time pursuing, we’ll come to a point in life when everything seems to fall apart.

That’s because Facebook, TV, Coffee and Money don’t have the ability to hold your life together. They were never intended to. And still, so many of us try to find our meaning in these things. No wonder there are so many who feel unfulfilled.

If you want to have a truly fulfilling life, start with truth. Start with wisdom. Start with discipline. Start with understanding. You do the other things too, but make sure you are pursuing things of real worth. Make those the foundation that your life is built on.

Otherwise, your life will fall apart every time Facebook changes it’s layout. And we all know how that goes.