Proverbs 20:11

Even a young man is known by his actions,
whether his activity is pure and whether it is right.

As much as you and I may not like it, we are defined by what we do. If we had it our way, we’d be defined by different things. Perhaps some of us would like to be defined by our words. Either by the words we speak, or for bloggers like myself – by the words we write. There are others of us who would like to be defined by our intentions. Things don’t always go the way we plan for them to go, but we had good intentions. We had good plans, but the things didn’t turn out the way we had planned.

But, we are not defined by those things. We are defined by our actions. We are defined by what we do. We are defined by what we accomplish.

Do I think this is just? Not necessarily. But that doesn’t make it untrue.

We all do this to others. We don’t listen to the weight-loss advice of an overweight person. We don’t believe the stories of a compulsive liar. We don’t follow in the path of a cheater.

So, how are you known? Are you known by in the same way as you think of yourself in your head? Do people see you the same way you see yourself? Or is there a gap? If there is a gap, then you know you’ve got some work to do. However, as you start to close the gap between who you hope to be and how others currently see you, you will find yourself gaining more influence in the world. You’ll have more influence in your world and the lives of those around you.

How are you known? What do people say about you when you’re not around? Do you even want to know?

We are all defined by what we do. The world looks on our actions and makes a judgement about the kind of person we are. What kind of person do others think you are?