Proverbs 18:6-7

The lips of a fool enter into strife,
and his mouth invites a flogging.
The mouth of a fool is his ruin,
and his lips are a snare for his life.

Do you remember that scene from the movie “Remember The Titans” where the guys are in the locker room? And some of the guys start cracking “Your Momma” jokes. There is some back and forth there, while some of the guys don’t know how to respond to it. Then, Blue throughs one at Gerry, and he’s about to show Blue why everyone calls him Superman.

The situation calms down and everyone’s back to normal, for a minute anyway…(you can watch the movie to see what happens next). But, Blue was going to get a beating because he opened his mouth.

And this is true in real life as well. You know guys who just can’t keep their mouth shut. You probably know women who do the same thing. They get irritated about something, and they just can’t not say something. So they say it. And sooner or later they’re going to say it in the wrong context and get the beating that comes with that.

If you are a wise person you know that you need to control you lips from saying the wrong thing. Even when it’s totally justified, you shouldn’t always say what comes to your mind. If you have developed that habit, you might want to work on that one. Chances are, you’ll pay for it if you haven’t already.

Even if you don’t pay for it by a physical flogging, they will be a snare for you. Your words will be a trap for you to fall into. You may not realize it, but they words you are using and the way you are saying what you’re saying could be setting traps for you that cause you problems you don’t even know about.

So, be careful what you say. Just because it works out in the movie, doesn’t mean it’ll work out for you in real life.