Proverbs 15:22-23

Plans fail when there is no counsel,
but with abundant advisers they are established.
A person has joy in giving an appropriate answer,
and a word at the right time—how good it is!

Pride gets in the way of so much. It gets in the way of our own progress. It gets in the way of our own dreams and plans. We don’t want anyone else’s help, we want to get there on our own. But, there is another thing pride gets in the way of. Joy. Our joy and the joy of others.

It seems obvious (to some – unless you’re too proud) the ways in which pride could rob your joy. For the reasons I just mentioned. When you’re too proud, your source of joy is yourself and when you aren’t meeting your own expectations you’ll be disappointed. And, when there are factors outside of your control, you will blame yourself for the failure, even though that may not be the case.

But, your joy can also steal joy from others.

Have you ever given someone advice, and they took it? And then when they took it, it worked? Do you remember the joy that you felt when the advice you offered made a difference? You had joy because you gave an appropriate answer.

Or, have you ever offered someone a word of encouragement or insight to have them say, “that’s just what I needed to hear”? You were able to share a word at the right time, and it was a good thing.

But if you’re too proud, you don’t ever let anyone speak a word to you. If you’re too proud you don’t ever ask for anyone else’s advice. And because you don’t do those things you are robbing them of the possible joy they might feel after they were able to help you.

You don’t need to be that proud. You don’t need to do everything yourself. You can be a better version of yourself if you allow others to have insight into your life.

Stop being a Joy Robber.