Proverbs 12:11

The one who works his field will have plenty of food,
but whoever chases daydreams lacks wisdom.

I don’t think this passage is saying that day dreaming is an altogether bad thing. In fact, it doesn’t seem that the word means daydreams like we often think of it. At least the way I think of it is to find yourself in the middle of the day dreaming about what could be instead of getting any work done. And certainly, when we ought to be working the fields to provide for our family, spending time day-dreaming would be a bad idea. However, the idea being communicated here in the hebrew refers to empty things or vain things – worthless things that you hope will lead to something but in the end lead no where.

I’d be willing to bet that you know someone who always seems to be chasing the latest get rich pyramid scheme. I’m sure their face just popped into your head. I know several. It seems they want to find that one magic bean to put all their dreams on. And until they find it, they’re going to try everything that comes along.

The problem is, there are no magic beans. The chances of winning the lottery are 1 in millions. The chances of filling out a March Madness bracket perfectly are 1 in trillions. The chances of getting rich off a get rich scheme aren’t great. The only reason some people get rich is because they have the right personality to force people into buying whatever they’re selling. Of course, they lose all their friends and family in the process of getting rich. No one wants to be around them anymore because they don’t want to get sold.

It is better to work your field. It is better to work what you already have. It is better to work hard at your job. Eating and living indoors is a pretty good thing. Doing things that ensure that are a good idea. You already have something you have been entrusted with – whether that’s a piece of property or a job or a house or a family. Whatever it is that you already have is what you’re supposed to be faithful with. Notice the word “his” field. In other words, he already has the field.

Don’t spend your time chasing what you don’t have and risk losing what you do have. Work hard to be faithful with what God has already given you. That is where you will find blessing. Not in the search for magic beans.