Proverbs 11:14

When there is no guidance a nation falls,
but there is success in the abundance of counselors.

Just to be clear, I don’t think this passage means an abundance of leaders. It doesn’t appear to me that a counselor would be the same as a leader. When you get too many people thinking they’re “the” leader, you get problems – kind of like congress today. Everyone wants to lead, no one wants to listen to anyone else, no on wants to follow.

Just think how different congress would look if instead of being a group full of “leaders,” each leader had a group of counselors to help them make the best decision. I’m not talking about lobbyists and people who are just trying to get the leader to do what they want the leader to do. Instead, I’m talking about a group of counselors who are full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Their goal is to make the best and right decision, not the most popular – re-electable decision.

While our nation may be struggling right now because of bad leadership, that’s not the only reason for our current state of affairs. Our leaders seem consumed with moving us toward and ideal that many in the country don’t want. And those who do want it, don’t really know all the ins and out of it. But before I get too political and drive you away, here is the point: the biggest reason for our struggle is that we don’t have leaders who have surrounded themselves with wise counsel.

Our leaders have surrounded themselves with people who all think the same way, who are all trying drive an agenda. What we need are leaders who are trying to make the best and right decision for our country, not a decision based on any kind of agenda.

This proverb applies to more than nations by the way. In any area of our lives, if we don’t have proper guidance and counsel, we too will drive ourselves based on our own agendas. What we all need are wise counselors who speak truth into our lives. Without them our nations fall and so do we.