This Christmas, I thought I’d do a little series I like to call 25 days of Christmas Songs. Initially, it was going to be the 25 best Christmas songs, and I’d write about one song per day. But, once I tried to narrow it down, I found it was almost impossible to do so. So I didn’t. Some of the days will have more than one song, or a particular theme, but you’ll love them all. If not, feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section!

I’ll be compiling a Spotify playlist throughout the Series which you can subscribe to here.

But for today, to start this whole thing off, I thought I’d start with a classic. And it’s a classic that gets this whole season started on the right foot. You’ll see the title of this song in people’s Facebook statuses through the whole season. And it’s exactly right, “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.”

The song was written in 1963 by George Wyle and Eddie Pola. The song was recorded that year by Andy Williams on The Andy Williams Christmas Album. From there it went crazy. Of course, now you can hear many different versions from many different artists, as it has become a Christmas Standard. It was a song that was written for Andy’s TV Special, which they then used every year they did the Christmas Special. In 2009 it was ranked number 5 in Billboard’s “Top 10 Holiday songs” and in 2010 it ranked number 4 in ASCAP’s radio airplay stats.

Take a look at how the song would have come across back when it was first released. And make sure to check back tomorrow for the second day of 25 days of Christmas songs!