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Today’s songs come from my favorite artist of all time. Although, if you’re not familiar with Christian Music, you may have never heard of him. And chances are pretty good that you won’t be familiar with one of the songs for today. So, you’ll definitely want to subscribe to the playlist to hear the song. (By the way, I don’t get anything if you subscribe to the playlist. At least not anything tangible, it does boost my ego a little though!)

Steven Curtis Chapman has been around the Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) scene for quite a while. He was fairly popular, but when he released his album, “The Great Adventure” things went nuts for him. That was my first favorite album, and is still one of my favorites to this day. Judge me if you like, but I don’t make fun of the fact that you like the Backstreet Boys…

One album after “The Great Adventure” he released his first Christmas album, “The Music of Christmas.” It too became an instant favorite for me. Then several years later, he released a second album, “All I Really Want For Christmas” which I also love. And just this year he released his third Christmas album, “Joy.” I haven’t had much time with the latest album yet, but I’m sure it too will end up a favorite of mine.

Our God Is With Us

On the first Christmas album, he wrote a song entitled, “God With Us.” It’s an immensely powerful ballad about how, to this very day God is with us. Through every step of this life, every bump, every hurt, every betrayal, there is still a God who is walking with us. And that is what Christmas is truly about. Emmanuel, God With us.

Go Tell It On The Mountain

His second album contained a spirit-filled arrangement of the classic, “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” It is my favorite arrangement of this song to this day. The song is an African-American spiritual, composed by John Wesley Work, Jr. in 1865. I think the song is a great fit with “Our God Is With Us,” as I believe it is the natural thing for those who believe to want to do once they have experienced this miracle first hand. It’s like watching any great movie, or reading a good book. You want to tell someone about it. And once your life has been touched by a God who walks with us, you will want to tell the world.

What is your favorite artist that may no longer be cool to like? Are you brave enough to share it with us in the comments section below?