I have a confession to make, ever since I was a kid, I’ve liked watching “The Price is Right.” I don’t know why, must just be because it’s awesome. What’s not to like? Chances are pretty good you’ll get picked, (better than the lottery anyway), it has a lot to do with numbers – so if you’re good with numbers you have a good chance, and if you win – you win cool stuff.

There are some great life lessons to be learned from watching the show. It’s not just a show, not just a waste of time. I promise.

Price is Right Lesson #1 – Think first, bid second. Don’t just bid a dollar higher than the previous contestant without thinking about the price. If they’re over, you will be too.

Life Lesson #1 – Don’t follow the crowd. Don’t just try to beat the person next to you. Dont be a jerk. Do your best – don’t just react.

Lesson #2 – Spinning the wheel is hard, give it all you’ve got.

Life Lesson #2 – Life is Hard, give it all you’ve got.

Lesson #3 – If you’re the highest bidder, and the first showcase has a Car, RV or boat – always take it. The next showcase almost never has something better. Don’t be greedy.

Life Lesson #3 – When something good comes your way, don’t wait for something better. Take what you can get, then when something better comes along you have something to compare it to.


I didn’t say they were deep.