What is is that we seek in our worship? In all our desires for worship, and for our churches to have the most modern and relevant worship, what is it that we seek? When we come to worship on a Sunday morning or in a small group setting what is it that we’re seeking?

Are we hoping that the music will be so cool that we won’t have any choice but to be in the presence of God, for certainly anything this cool has to be of God?

Are we hoping that the worship leader will be the ultimate hipster and just being in his presence (the worship leader) will inspire us to worship?

Do we hope that if the music is quiet enough we will be able to hear God whisper? Or if it is loud enough, He will have to hear us?

If we sing enough hymns and all the right verses of them (but never the third verse) then we will hear from the Lord Almighty.

If we sing the newest Hillsongs song with as many people on stage as they have, then the air will have to be thick with the Spirit.

Do we think if we have the coolest set design and the most impactful light design that we will get God’s attention? God has to see the flashing lights from Heaven right?

Do we think that if we try to do what all the cool churches are doing, we will grow?

Do you think God cares?

The real answer…probably not. 

Well then, what do you think God cares about?

Amos 5:5 – “Seek me and live;
    do not seek Bethel,
do not go to Gilgal,
do not journey to Beersheba.
For Gilgal will surely go into exile,
and Bethel will be reduced to nothing.”
Seek the Lord and live,
or he will sweep through the house of Joseph like a fire;
it will devour,
and Bethel will have no one to quench it.

The only thing God really cares about, sincerely and truly is that we are seeking Him. God doesn’t care about the style, volume, lights, set, hymns or choruses, the coolness factor or any other worldly and human confines, forms or definitions we put on worship. Those things are chasing after Bethel, Beersheba and Gilgal. We don’t need to go there in search of God. God doesn’t want us to go there looking for something.

He really doesn’t!

Argue with me if you like, in fact, I encourage it. The truth is God is only interested in us seeking Himself.

Am I saying we shouldn’t do those things? No. In fact, you will find posts where I say to do them, and have reasons for that.

What I’m saying is that those things shouldn’t be what drives us. We shouldn’t be concerned with how uncool our church is, we should be concerned that our church isn’t worshipping. That’s the real issue, that’s the most important thing.

Seek the Lord and Live!