Last evening I took our oldest two, Hannah and Henry, on a ride in their grandpa’s truck. We don’t have a truck, and I think they’ve only ridden in a truck once before, maybe. It was pretty cool.

It reminded me of when my sister and I rode in the back of a truck once when we were kids. Dad had a big international grain truck, (almost exactly like the one in this picture). We were going to go pick some blackberries by some powerlines, so we needed something that was high off the ground. The cab was full, so we rode in the back. It was so bumpy!!! Scarily so! We were terrified. We both knew where were going to get bounced out of the truck, and be carried away by mosquitoes and deer flies.

Anyway, the kids and I went up the hill behind our house, drove around some of the farmland up there, and I let them choose which way we would turn when came to an intersection.

The only problem was that they couldn’t really see from the back seat of the truck, so, I let them sit in the middle of the backseat (not up front like we did when I was a kid…) so they could see better.

They had a blast!

[tweetherder]Rules are put in place to protect the lowest common denominator.[/tweetherder]

That may not be globally true statement, but from my perspective, rules seem to be written to protect the weaker among us. Sure, a lot of the time they protect us, but are they always necessary?

If I’m a responsible driver and know how to handle my vehicle, I should know enough to know how to drive without getting in a wreck. It’s when I don’t know enough, or others on the road don’t know enough that we start to get into trouble.

When someone decides they can look down more than the look up…problem.

When grandma, who is texting while driving on the freeway, alone in the car but driving in the carpool lane…problem

Of course, if we all start breaking all the rules, all the time, total chaos would ensue.

But once in a while, break the rules. You might just make a memory.