Today, through that amazing little 140 character powerhouse we refer to as Twitter, I came in contact with this article. I’ve been a fan of Perry Noble and what they’re doing down there at New Spring for quite some time. And the fact that I grew up with that kind of preaching, just makes me reel right at home with Perry!

But, it’s worth mentioning, and reiterating here. What is it that’s driving you in your worship ministry? When you’re writing songs, are you dreaming about making it big, or are you trying to write songs for the body of Christ where you are? Are you pushing your team so that they can help you make it somewhere, or are you pushing your team so that they can lead your congregation in worship?

Don’t just answer this quickly, think about it.

““See, the enemy is puffed up;
his desires are not upright—
but the righteous person will live by his faithfulness”