Have you ever driven past a sign and then wanted to know what was on it? You’re going somewhere unfamiliar, and just as you drive past it, you realize there may have been something you needed to know on that sign.

You have two choices: 1.) turn around, go back by the sign and see what it said. 2.) just keep driving in hopes that you’ll eventually end up where you need to be.

We don’t often turn around because we think that will take too much time. So, we keep on driving, hoping that we are going the right way, hoping we aren’t supposed to be taking an exit.

You can’t go see the signs looking in the rear-view mirror. And looking back there won’t help you move forward.

There has to be something else guiding us when we miss the road signs. Perhaps we have GPS or a road map of some kind that can help us figure out where we are and where we need to go. If we don’t have anything guiding us, we need to turn around and see what we missed.

This is why I’ve been talking about values. Values are what guide us in the absence of road signs. Where we go, what new things we should be doing and the direction for the future aren’t often clearly marked with road signs. For churches in our modern age, there often isn’t a step-by-step guide telling us where we should go.

When we don’t have a how-to guide, we have to have something that helps us make the right decisions. That’s where our values come into play. What is a value? By value we don’t mean the worth of something, we mean the moral principles and beliefs of a person or social group.

This will be how we make our decisions about what we’re going to do as a Worship Arts Ministry. That is also why this will be the topic of many posts here for the near future. I am going to be going over what our values are, what is going to drive us.

I hope you’ll be a regular reader of this blog and these posts as we all move into the future together!