When it comes to who we are as a Worship Arts Ministry, we have to start with who we are as a church. As I already talked about, part of what defines us as a church is “Come, Grow, Go.” But there’s quite a bit more to it than that. That’s what covers our purpose as a church. We want people to come to know Christ, come and worship, Grow in that relationship, then Go and serve one another and share Christ with the world.

We also have our Core Values that the Staff and Board decided on a while back, and they go something like this:


Christ is exalted in all we do. Christ is our “compass” and we intentionally nurture our personal relationship with Christ.


Passionately pursuing growth that leads to life change in our congregation, ministries and communities as we strive to do all things with quality and excellence.

Integrity – Honesty

Speaking truth in all our actions and decisions. Internal and external consistency.


Developing a culture characterized by love, grace, and authenticity.


For us to have a servant’s heart as described in Philippians 2. Where we prefer others to ourselves and we are about openness, teach ability and become personally grounded without pride

First, everything we do revolves around Christ. It’s not about us, it’s about Him. We are about anything that draws people to Christ, or anything that exalts Christ to the highest place. We are not about anything else. We don’t exalt anything but Christ.

Second, we want to see lives transformed. And yes, a big part of this is the initial transformation that happens when someone accepts Christ for the first time, but that’s not all. We all need to be transformed daily, Like Romans 12:1-2 say: Offer your bodies as living sacrifices, do not conform to the sinful ways of the world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind. This is a very clear call for Christians to be transformed. None of us have arrived in our walk with Christ, there are things that need fixed.

Third, we want to be about Honesty and integrity. This rings true for us in the Worship Arts as well. We speak the truth in love, but we must speak the truth. No one gains anything if we are afraid to speak the truth because we don’t want to step on someone’s toes or hurt someone’s feelings. That’s going to happen one way or another, wouldn’t it be better if we shared the truth with each other in love? As opposed to letting someone find out the truth from some other back channel?

Community comes next, and this is a big part of Worship Arts as well. Birds of a feather… We all share a similar interest, that’s why we’re all in the worship arts ministry. So, it’s only natural that we build community. However, it must be authentic community. Not just fellowship, we have to genuinely care for one another. If we do this, if we love each other as we love ourselves, the things that divide us will fade away and all that will remain is love.

Finally, we come to Humility. This is tied in to every value. Christ centered people are humble. Transformed people are humble. Honest people are humble. Humility is required if we are going to live in true community. Humility is huge. We have nothing to boast about. Our greatest efforts could never compare to the effort Christ made for us. We are but a vapor, here today, gone tomorrow. What do we have to be proud of? Our boast is in Christ alone. And even Christ, who being in very nature God, didn’t consider himself better than others, but he humbled himself and become obedient to an embarrassing, cruel death on a cross. (Phil. 2:1-11)

Those values are key to us as a Worship Arts Ministry. They must drive us. Nothing else drives us. We don’t do things for any other reason but these.