I wrote this song a couple of years ago for our choir to sing at our church. I wanted a song for our choir to sing that talked about what the gift of Christmas really is. Sure it’s a message that’s been told in many songs, but it’s a message that needs to be repeated as often as we can. The point of Christmas isn’t “Presents in bows or wishes for snow, or gifts underneath a tree.” It’s about God himself, becoming a man, bearing the weight of our sin, giving his life, being raised from the dead, covering us with Grace and being with us. That’s the point, God is with us.

So, as you listen to this song, I would just encourage you to be thinking about Christmas, and the amazing gift that it really is.

From what I can gather, this song has been a real blessing to many people in our church and in our choir, and I hope that the same blessing extends to you as well!

Some notes on the recording:

Acoustic Guitar: Dan Friesen; B-3: Kevin Kruse; Background Vocals: Phil & Danielle Carter; Violin; Rob Pullen

I do have choir music for this song, and I could also get a you a track if you would like to use this song this coming Christmas.

The choral parts aren’t on this recording, but they are simple enough to learn along with this recording. The parts that Phil & Danielle sang on the chorus would also make great parts for a “praise team” to sing along with the choir which would really fill out the arrangement!

The Gift of Christmas by davidlindner