One thing I’ve loved doing for as long as I’ve been involved with worship ministry is rearranging Hymns. A lot of the great Hymns have been rearranged several times, and we have a contemporary version of them that our band already knows – so it would be redundant for me to come up with a new arrangement for one of those.

So, I’ve been looking through my hymnals lately – looking for hymns that I think would be great for us to be using today, but maybe we don’t do them because there isn’t a new arrangement of them. And this is one I came across this week, and was thrilled to arrange.

I also “wrote” a new bridge. The music is mine & half the words are mine, the text of the first half of the Bridge is a rendition of the chorus from “God Leads us Along.”

So, I thought I’d let you hear it. This is a rough recording I did for our band, I’m going to listen to the recordings from our services this weekend and see if one of them is good enough to put up here. But you’ll get the idea.

He Leadeth Me – Chord Chart – Key of C – D