I wrote this song in response to a sermon series we’re going through on the book of Hebrews. As I was reflecting on Hebrews 4, I was struck with the imagery in verse 12 about how the Word of God is active, and living, and powerful. I couldn’t shake that idea of His Word changing us and our response to that truth.

Out of that idea I started pulling images, ideas, and verses from the book of Hebrews to create a song that I felt embodied our response to who God is and how His Word impacts us. His redemption, His grace, His sovereignty, boldly approaching Him, looking up, knowing the God who knows us;these are all ideas from the book of Hebrews… and our response is to worship the King!

This recording is taken straight from our Sunday worship service (i.e. it’s just a board feed!) I’m on piano and lead vocals; there is also bass, electric, and acoustic guitar and some alto vocals. And even though you can’t here it, there are drums

Your Word is Alive (song)

Your Word is Alive (chart